Dean Winchester (fearlessncold) wrote in personalpoupee,
Dean Winchester

You wasted your time...

Who: Dean Winchester (fearlessncold), OPEN TO AUDIENCE
What: It was a dark and stormy night...

It was raining heavily outside. The drops of liquid slapped against the roof and windows of his cabin creating a sound that could easily disguise any who felt they were strong enough to withstand the elements and use it as a cover instead. It made him uneasy.

Of course, he still had people people outside making their rounds to make sure the grounds were secure and while doing rounds seemed like something that would ease his mind at the moment, he stayed put and worked on his guns. Salt rounds and a bottle of whiskey. It was just another day, another night.

Lighting colored the sky some distance away. Seconds later, thunder shook the small sturdy shelter but the camp's fearless leader remained focused on his task.
Tags: !log, character: dean winchester (fearlessncol, other: alex (waywardsheperd), other: gabriel (trickiernthou)
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